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From first time car buying to the dealership process, these resources will help you understand what to consider when buying a car.

Trade-In vs. Donation

Article Icon Weigh the benefits of a vehicle trade-in versus donating your used vehicle.

Save Time, Buy Online

Article Icon Time is a valuable resource. Review this checklist and see if buying through our internet department may work better for you.

Tips for First Time Buyers

Article Icon Whether buying alone or receiving input from family or friends, read these helpful tips to assist you in having an empowered shopping experience.

New vs. Pre-owned

Article Icon Find out the difference between buying new vs. previously certified.

Credit and Financing

Article Icon Get the ground rule basics on your credit and financing and what it means to your next car purchase.

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Car Colors and You

Car Colors and You   Think your choice in car color has nothing to do with your personality?  Think again.  Aside from the make, model, and a… (more)

Be Prepared When Renting a Car Overseas

Be Prepared When Renting a Car Overseas You’ve planned your well-earned trip and are daydreaming about driving through the countryside of Tuscany, with the sun on… (more)

Facebook: A GPS for Lenders

An estimated 50% of American log on and use Facebook. You live in a connected world and are able to share your accomplishments, opinions, and… (more)

Time to Lease?

If you have never leased before, we are here to help you disseminate the information. A lease is simply a fixed, long-term contract, typically three… (more)